Details for Hosting a Fundraiser

In each class we will teach you how to transform a new board into a barn board look using our Homestead and Fusion Paint Lines. All paints are Zero VOC no solvents or smells and easy clean up.  Our paints are safe to be used by children and pregnant mothers.  We will then demonstrate how to stencil a quote or saying of choice.

We will supply all paints and boards needed for each project. We will require each participant to choose a project ahead of time so we can bring the required boards/clocks however colour choices can be made at the workshop. We will bring a wide variety of colours from both paint lines. We have 3 choices of stain colours but will usually have everyone working with one colour or we do a mixture of a couple colours! 

Clubs, Organizations and Hostesses must supply the venue or ask if Whispy Willow Tacks classroom in McLean is available for your class( our store can only accomodate 25 people).  You are responsible for tables, table coverings and chairs.  We will arrive 45 minutes to an hour prior for set up and we need access to running water or pails of water for clean up.  Pack up can take 30 to 45 minutes so please allow extra time when booking facilities.  Help is always appreciated.  We also have access to a few venues free for use if in vicinity of Emerald Park , Balgonie or Regina please inquiry.  

We will require minimum 12 people within 30 minutes from McLean, 15 people to travel a one hour distance 20 to 30 people for anything over one hour distance or more.  To be discussed once we determine the location.  For long distance travel over 3 hours we require a minimum of 25 people, if numbers are not met we will have the right to cancel the event or charge mileage and travel costs.   To secure the date you must put a deposit down of $70 that is non refundable.   If you do not meet the minimum amounts and we still have the class the $70 dollar deposit is retained by Whispy Willow and not used as payment for the class host. Maximum attendees 50 in a class.  Participants will be given back their money if the class is cancelled due to minimums not attained.  Cancellations of registrations due to illness etc must notify Gwen at 306-539-0986 within 48 hours to receive a credit towards another class or instore to Whispy Willow minus the fundraising portion of $10, $15 or $20.    Most clubs choose the $15 option.   If minimum amounts are not acquired for a class it is up to the discretion of Whispy Willow to go ahead and proceed with the class, however the donation given back to the club will be half of the original amount $15 will be $7.50, $20 will be $10 and $10 will be $5 dollars back to the club per person.   This to be discussed with the organizers before cancelling if we decide to proceed with your event. Cut off times for registrations will be 3-5 days prior depending on distance of the class and size of class.  Payments for attendees will be a $15 dollar deposit once they register via e transfer, visa or master card.  To keep the class registration flow fast and easy the day of the class the remaining portion of the participants registration fees are due and payable with cash.  

The $10, $15 and $20 add on's are included in our prices we set up your fundraising tab with these prices already included in the price your participants see ( no added cost at time of checkout)  We offer custom quotes for an additional $5 to $10 for design fee.  This is built into the website so that customers are able to choose the custom drop down and the price reflects the $10 fee.  Quotes and sayings are endless we can almost create any request.  

We have to date completed over 100 classes in Saskatchewan and given back over 40,000 dollars in fundraising dollars to organizations and clubs.  We pride ourselves on helping rural communities raise money and love giving back to the causes. We have recently hired the Wor-Kin Shop in Weyburn whom provide employment to people with intellectual disabilities to construct some of our materials.  What sets aside from other companies we are local and will not travel outside of Sask.  We believe in supporting local community needs.  We teach you about our paint lines so you can begin painting projects such as furniture, cupboards, signs etc.  

Project offering for each workshop are as follows:

  • 12 X 12 board with choice of quote
  • 6 inch X 30 inch board with choice of quote
  • 12 X 24 inch board with choice of quote
  • 18 X 24 plank boards for custom or larger quotes 
  • Family name signs and Children's name signs 
  • Birth announcement boards, birthday milestone boards
  • Wedding guest registry boards 
  • 4 foot welcome sign
  • 5 foot welcome sign
  • 5 and 6 Foot Grow Charts
  • 6 foot sign
  • serving tray with quote
  • 24 inch fully functional clocks option to do 30 inch as well 
  • coming soon April 2018 succulent planter classes in wooden boxes and glass containers we have over 8 containers ranging in prices from $70 to $119 depending on size 
  • wooden picket planter boxes 
  • seasonal items are added quarterly two sided welcome signs pallet snowmen and scarecrows to name a few.  

To set up your own fundraiser please contact Gwen or Kelsey at 306-539-0986 or email us at  We can discuss dates and send you our fundraising package out by email or facebook messanger.